Economic Sustainability

We have to produce in order to live and meet our needs. New ideas and applications should be considered as a fundamental part of more and better production. Economic growth must be based on progress and modernization. It is imperative to set goals and continuously improve them. New production models, alternative processes and, most importantly, science-based methods should be introduced to the entire sector. We, Bilecik Demir Çelik, are aware that we have to grow economically for our employees and business partners. At the same time, we will continue to produce for regional development and meeting the needs of people. In this process, we are taking steps towards the future with alternative production techniques, high efficiency and a data-based management style. We are committed to being in this process with our basic and risk opportunities that we have determined with the economic development policy, which is one of the 3 principles of sustainability.

“The main challenge is not the development of new ideas, but the abandonment of the old mindset.”