General Manager’s Note

General Manager's note;

“Sustainability”, in short, is raising the level of economic growth and welfare by meeting their daily needs without risking the ability of future generations to meet their needs. BDÇ is a recycling company, sustainability is already very much in line with our basic vision in terms of business line, however, we are also aware of the obligation to fill the content of this matching up with a contemporary vision and practice set.

High metallic efficiency, high energy efficiency, minimum waste and minimum environmental impact, using all recyclable wastes as an input to the process, realizing the zero waste target, and improving employee safety and health are the sub-elements of our sustainability vision.


These goals require a contemporary management style, environmental and knowledge-based steelmaking process. Development and transformation is a process that is endless and constantly renewing itself with new methods.

As BDÇ, we continue our journey to realize sustainable steel production for our society, employees and customers.

Bilecik Demir Çelik
Muammer BİLGİÇ