Sustainability for Society

The world, which has become globalized with population growth, has constantly needed new social needs and regulations since the past extensions of the social order. Responding to the improvements required by the civilization process needs producing solutions to the needs of society, which is one of the building blocks of sustainability, and being a partner in all solutions produced. We are aware of the fact that we must live with the awareness of the fact that all the necessities that continue to be effective on Earth exist for living things. We produce by observing the rights of all living things.

We believe that all people should have the right to an equal, free and dignified life just because they are human beings without any discrimination. Everyone should live equally regardless of gender, race, color, religion, language, age, nationality, difference of opinion, national or social origin, wealth, and these innate rights should be protected by all of us.

We continue our efforts to provide the best service, primarily, to our employees, business partners and customers who use our products. We, Bilecik Demir Çelik, will continue to work to leave a liveable world to the people working throughout our entire supply and production chain, to offer socio-cultural opportunities and to provide economic opportunities..