Environmental Sustainability

Our world is in serious danger in terms of climate  change. We understand from hundreds of studies that global warming will clearly show its negative impact on natural resources and liveable areas in the mid-21st century.

The natural resources that ecology has presented to us with the ongoing formations for millions of years have decreased dangerously with the acceleration of the industry. These natural resources also include the basic needs of living things, such as water and air, which are the keys to the cycle. Besides trying to ensure production continuity, it also prioritizes efforts to reduce waste, separate at source, recover, evaluate recyclable materials, protect water resources, control gas emissions, and prevent soil pollution.

Bilecik Demir Çelik San. ve Tic. A.Ş has received 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate as of 2018 with the aim of creating waste management and environmental awareness.

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy of Bilecik Demir Çelik is based on the "0 Accident Approach". Studies shall be carried out meticulously, starting from the top of the management in order to protect the health and bodily integrity of the employees.